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LPKF MicroLine 5000

LPKF MicroLine 5000

UV Laserski Sistem za vrtanje in rezanje fleksibilnih vezij

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The MicroLine 5000 is a laser drilling and cutting system specifically tailored to the needs of the flexible circuit industry. With the ability to drill holes down to 20 μm, a variety of both organic and inorganic substrates can be processed such as:
  • Flexible PCBs
  • IC substrates
  • High Density Interconnect PCBs

Common applications include the drilling of through holes and blind vias, with the additional ability to cut large mounting holes, or full perimeter cuts of irregular board contours.

Quality and Precision

The high-quality attributes of the UV wavelength allow for the cutting and drilling of delicate materials with minimal heat affected zone - and the proof is in the results: clean side-walls with precise dimensions and virtually zero debris. Available with either a 10 W, 15 W or 27 W laser source, the MicroLine 5000 series may also be configured to work with various material handling options.

Contour Cutting

The MicroLine 5000 UV laser is a universal tool - and thus suitable for cutting all industry-standard panel sizes with dimensions of up to 533 mm x 610 mm (21” x 24”). The 20 μm high quality UV laser kerf width allows for cutting of even the most delicate contours at high speeds.

Process Monitoring

The MicroLine 5000 systems are equipped with an integrated vision system for fast fiducial recognition, ensuring accurate alignment. The camera’s ability to use virtually any board feature as a fiducial alignment point provides operator flexibility from job to job.

LPKF MicroLine 5000 Sideview
MicroLine 5000: UV laserski sistem za vrtanje in rezanje
LPKF MicroLine 5000
Velika delovna površina, ki meri 533 mm x 610 mm
Integrirani optični sistemi za hitro prepoznavo referenčnih točk
30 μm Through Hole
30 μm skoznja luknja v dvostranskem FPC substratu
30 μm Blind Via
30 μm slepa vija v dvostranskem FPC substratu


Video LPKF MicroLine 5000 - Laserska obdelava fleksibilnih vezij

Tehnični podatki
LPKF MicroLine 5000
Laser class 1
Max. working area
(X x Y x Z)
533 mm x 610 mm x 11 mm
(21” x 24” x 0.43”)
Max. sheet size;
max. reel width
533 mm x 610 mm (21” x 24”);
500 mm (19.6”)
Position accuracy ± 20 μm (0.8 Mil)
Diameter of focussed laser beam 20 μm (0.8 Mil)
Laser wavelength 355 nm
System dimensions
(W x H x D)
1 660 mm x 1 720 mm x 1 900 mm
(66” x 68” x 75”)*
Weight ~ 2 000 kg (~ 4 400 lbs)
Operating conditions
Power supply 400 VAC, 3-phase, 50-60 Hz, 16 A, 6.5 kVA
Cooling Air-cooled (internal water-air cooling)
Ambient temperaturey 22 °C ± 2 °C (71.6 °F ± 4 °F)
Humidity < 60 % (non-condensing)
Compressed air 130 l/min @ 0.6 MPa, air quality ISO 8573-1:2010, class 6.4.4
Required accessoires Fume extraction and filtration unit

* Višina vključno signalna luč = 2 020 mm

Sistem MicroLine 5000 je na voljo v več različicah:
MicroLine 5120  z 10 wattnim laserskim virom, MicroLine 5820 s 15 wattnim laserskim virom in MicroLine 5000 s 27 wattnim laserskim virom.

Prospekt LPKF MicroLine 5000
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